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Contacting Me

You've tried tying a scrawled note to a brick and throwing in through my window. The carrier pigeon didn't make it. The message-in-a-bottle hit the rocks and shattered. Now welcome to the twenty-first century, through the power of something called the internet you can send a query to me via the power email (it's like a letter but made of electricity). And this is my address:

Skype? Facetime? Google Hangouts? I hear you clammer. Whoa there, Serge Brin, you think I have time for you to prattle on to me? I'm busy designing. And you really don't want to see my face. Trust me you really don't.

Likewise, try to prod me with the pointy end of a stick on twitter (@humblenations), Facebook or Google+ will also end in acrimony, or worse still, soul-eating disappointment.

Email it is then.

That magical missive moniker again:

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