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Design Extras

Once you have a pre-made cover, or commissioned cover design, from me there are a number of other design services that I can offer to help you with the marketing of your book. And you can order these at any time after you get a cover from me. Please note: This price does not include the original ebook, you have to purchase an ebook design first, and then I base the design of these extras on that design.

KDP or IngramSpark
Print Wrap-around Design

Once you have a pre-made or commissioned cover from me I can design a full wrap-around cover, so you can start selling a physical copy of your book on Amazon or IngramSpark. They are two different systems with differing print specifications and templates, so if you need both KDP and IngramSpark it's two credits.

For Amazon KDP:

Once ordered email with the following info:

1. Title of Book so I know which book we're talking about that I've already designed for you as an ebook.

2. Book Size in inches as per the options on Amazon KDP Print. If you've not already formatted your book 5" x 8" is good, because that's the aspect ratio the original eBook will be in.

3. Number of Pages of the final formatted work. PLEASE NOTE: If you've not yet formatted the book please don't send the info because I can't start the work. If the pages number is changed then I need to start again and you will be charged again! So format first.

4. Back Material. This can be whatever you want but if you're stuck as what to put people usually just put the blurb text. PLEASE NOTE: The more text you put on there the smaller it's going to be. Around 100-200 words is good. 300-400 words is starting to be excessive. Likewise, make sure this is your final version, please check and proof read it. Any changes made afterwards will be chargeable. Please send this in the body of the email, not as a Word document or PDF.

5. Cream or White Pages on the inside, as this makes a difference to the spine width. If you change this at a later date you will be charger $80 from scratch again. Because I have to start the process again.

Or for IngramSpark:

Put all your details in their online template generator and then email me the PDF (not the InDesign file) to

Please send all this information on one single email, not in dribs and drabs. So I have it all in one place. So just when you have all your ducks in a row. Mistakes happen when you send it all in different emails because you don't have everything ready. And no MS Word attachements, please.

Branding Lock for All Covers

It doesn't matter if you have separate stories/novels or a series, it always makes visual sense to have all your books branded the same, so readers can attach a style to you and which make your books more collectable. This option, as well as allowing you to have all your new pre-made purchases from GoOnWrite branded with the same style, can be fitted re-actively to all your existing pre-made book covers you have already got from this site. All for one simple price. Only applies retrospectively to Kindle eBook Covers, it will be extra money if you need KDP Print / IngramSpark covers redesigned and rebuilt.

Line-art Publisher Logo

You might be putting your book out under your own publisher name. I can design a logo for that publisher / press. In fact that was my old line of business before I designed book covers.

Black & White Formatting Titles

Once you have a pre-made or commissioned cover from me I can supply you with an eInk size and High Resolution version of your titles for you to use when formatting your eBook / CreateSpace file. I can also supply any fleurons to use as chapter heading breaks.

Audio CD Cover

If you have an audio version of your book you might need a squared up version of the cover. I retool your design to this format. For Audible covers I supply the file at 2,400 x 2,400.

Facebook Timeline Design

A great way to advertise your up and coming book is to have graphic on your Facebook timeline. I can design this for you.

Blog or Web Header Design

If you need a graphic designing for the header of your website or your blog based on your cover I can do this for you. You will need to find out the dimensions in pixels of this graphic for me before I can design for you.

3D Render Graphic

Making your cover look like a real book is a great way to make your book seem more real. I will create the files at different sizes for you so you can use it in high resolution or as a image suitable for web.

Boxset for Series Graphic

If you want your cover or series of covers designed into a box set to show potential readers you're selling an Anthology > this is the right option for you.

Website Ad Banner Design

Maybe you're advertising your book on other people's websites. In this case I can design your a banner. I can design this as a static or an animated GIF graphic with frames.

Bookmark Design

Bookmarks are a great little marketing tool. I can design this for you. The price doesn't include printing: you will have to organise your own printing through VistaPrint, Moo or one of the other services. Also,

Postcard Design

Maybe for marketing purposes you want a postcard with your cover on. I can design this for you. The price doesn't include printing: you will have to organise your own printing through VistaPrint, Moo or one of the other services.

Business Card Design

I can design this single or double sided business card for your to hand out to people with the cover on and your details on. The price doesn't include printing: you will have to organise your own printing through VistaPrint, Moo or one of the other services.

Text Change on a Pre-made Cover

I obviously don't charge to do the initial text changes on a pre-made cover, but if at a later date you change your mind then there is a fee associated with this extra work.

Font Change on a Pre-made Cover

If you've found a cover that you like but you don't like the font. I can change the fonts on the cover but there is work involved with this so I charge a fee for the change. And I ask that you find the font from another pre-made cover (e.g. I like the title font from 3356 and the author font form 2159).

Same Branding - New Image / Book

You might already have a cover you like and need a next book in the series or just another cover which is branded the same. Go select a suitable image from ShutterStock and I'll make up the cover for you. Alternatively, if you want to use an image you've paid for from another stock site you can use that by sending it through.

If there is something else you need designing, based on a cover that you've got from please give me, that I haven't covered above please give me a shout at

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