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Questions and Answers

What do I get for my money?

The price is for the ebook version of the cover. The price does not include print-on-demand version of the cover (futher details below).

What size do you send the file?

1,600 pixels wide by 2,560 pixels high. The is perfect for Amazon Kindle but will also work on Smashwords without a problem. If you need any other sizes please get in touch with me at If it needs to be retooled for alternative aspect ratios there will be a cost involved with the extra work.

What format do you send the file?

KDP likes JPEG - so that's what I send.

Are the stock photo images licensed?

Of course - they are indeed. You can sell up to 250,000 books with the image without a problem.

Can I have the origination file / Photoshop file to play with myself?

In short: no. Firstly I don't design on Photoshop, I design in a little-known, yet wonderful, vector app called Xara Design Pro. Secondly, it wouldn't work because you would not have the fonts and I can not send the fonts as this would be breaking the license. Also, it would also go against the stock image licensing, I can only sell designs not stock images as part of a template. Sorry about that.

What if I want a cover but don't have the title yet?

No problem - go ahead and buy it - I'll keep it on file for you. Then no one else can get it. And just come back to me when you're ready with your title. But make sure you definitely want the cover before ordering. Because once bought it's yours.

What if I take a cover without title but then days, weeks, months later I want a different cover, can I swap it out?

No. Once you purchase a cover that cover is allocated to you against your name, it is taken off my site (so no one else back buy it) and a lot of admin work goes into moving that file across to your name. So once you order and send me a number for a cover it is set in stone you want that cover. So please make sure you definitely want that cover before ordering.

Can I reserve a cover without paying?

Sorry, no. I work on a first come first served basis. And this works by ordering that cover.

Can I have less or more text on the cover?

Yes I will fit the design to whatever the amount of text you want on there. You might not have a tagline on the example but you really want on on there - just tell me and I'll add it.

I want to change the design (different fonts, colours, different elements on there), can you help?

Yes, I can makes changes to the covers: font are easily changed, say if you like the font from a different cover just tell me the number of that cover and I'll swap it out (but there is a fee $15 per cover for the extra work that this involves); font colours are easily changed (no charge); if it's a background colour, or different elements, that might be a little harder - so might incur a greater charge. If you are unsure always email before hand.

Can I use one cover for multiple books in a series with different titles?

Yes, not a problem. There are two options. Different colours and text (examples here), or different images with same branding (examples here). For text and colour changes with the same photo I charge the price of a normal cover per cover and so if you want five covers buy a five pack. If you need images changed, then I need to buy the extra images and edit them to make them all work together so I charge $100 per extra cover, you'll find this option, for order, at the bottom of my Extra Design Things page.

Can I have my file in a different format / size?

Of course, just ask - I'm a helpful, friendly chap. This does not include the PhotoShop - simply because I don't design in the Photoshop.

Can I have a file that I can edit myself?

Sorry, no. This would not work because you would not have the fonts to do the editing of the text. But I am happy to make changes, once you know your title, till it looks perfect for you.

Can I just have the image and put my text on myself?

Again, this is a no. Because then you're not paying for a cover design, you're effectively using the site to find a good stock image. There's a simply, cheaper, solution if you want to go this way - go find a stock image from one of the major stock image sites yourself. I am selling finished cover designs.

I've given you a title, you sent the final file, but later I want to change text on my cover, what can you do?

For initial changes obviously I don't charge extra, but if you came back to be me days, weeks or months later after you've approved the design I charge $15 per cover to makes text changes.

I have bought a cover, not yet titled, and then decide I don't want it, can I have a refund?

Sorry, once you have purchased that cover I have taken it out of circulation, done all the work to mark it against you and remove it from my site, this all takes time and as such the simple answer is no. So if you think you might change your mind then do not purchase. All sales are final.

I ordered lots of cover credits and only used a some or none of then, can I have a refund?

In short, no, if you don't think you will use all the credits over time then just order your covers one by one. If you are looking to get the covers at a cheaper price you are doing so by committing to buying them in bulk. All sales are final.

Do I have to pay for the stock image as well?

Nope, that's included in the price.

Do you sell the cover more than once?

No, once you buy a cover it's taken off my site and not sold to anyone else.

What if I want a ten pack of covers but can only find eight I like?

The tell me the eight covers and I'll keep the two credits of file for you and you can select the other two cover at a later date.

Can I buy five cover credits and select no covers and come back to you later for all five?

Yes, and this is a great way to get all your covers cheaper!

What if I feel later that my cover isn't suitable, can I swap it out for another?

No. Once a cover is sold to you it's your cover. So make sure that it is completely suitable for the purpose before purchasing. If you come back and want another cover, you will have to pay for that second cover and discard the first. Otherwise I would have authors swapping covers out left, right and centre.

Is the cover I buy unique?

Of course I only sell a cover design once. Once it sold I mark it sold and then removed from my site.

I want a totally unique cover, are the people / photos / illustrations unique to my pre-made cover?

In a word, no. At this price it would be impossible. What, I set up a photos shoot, pay a studio, a model and a professional photographer and still have money left to make money at $40? Impossible. So what I use to make my book covers are stock images which are freely available from many stock image sites for any other designers / authors to use. So no, I can't claim that the images won't be used elsewhere. What I claim is that I myself, as a designer will use that image just once. I won't re-use or re-sell a cover to another author. The same can't be said of other designers working from the same pool of stock images that exist out there. If you want something totally exclusive you'd be looking at thousands of dollars ... not $40. The old adage applies here: you get what you pay for.

Where is the best place for editing my book or proof-reading it?

I can strongly recommend Gary over at Bubblecow here's his link: book editing.

Do you have a mailing list I can join so I don't have to keep checking back?

Indeed I do. If you want to be added to it - just give me a shout at Everytime I put new covers on the site I will email you all.

Do you turn covers around within 48 hours even on weekends and holidays?

No, as I do have a life but sometimes I will do if I get a spare hour or so. I try my best to keep people happy.

Can you do a Amazon KDP or IngramSpark wrap-around print design from a pre-made cover I buy?

Of course - the price for this is $80. You'll find it on my design extras page.

What about LuLu, Lightning Source, or other print-on-demand services?

Yes I've started doing these now as well but they're more expensive because they take me more time to do because each service has it's own print specs that I need to work out. You'll also find this on my design extras page.

What if I am just designing the KDP Print cover myself, on their cover creator, will the Kindle cover work?

I make no assurances that the ebook cover will work. Designs for digital / screen are a completely different beast to something that needs to be prepared for print. There are so many different things to take into consideration when it comes to print: bleed, safe trim distances, dpi, and of course, the aspect ratio of the book. If you want a proper print-on-demand cover then select the wrap-around from my design extras page, and I'll design it for you. Designing a file that just works. Using their Cover Creator is always just going to end up a bodge job, and that's not my style.

I have another question:

If it's something I've not covered then please email me at, I'm a friendly helpful sort of chap, and you'll get a response quickly.

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