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How It Works
That dreaded white space.

So you've spent many hard days, weeks, months writing your masterpiece. Well done you! The insides are perfect, but what about the outsides because those potential readers sure are going to judge your book by its cover. But you don't have a massive budget to spend on a book cover. Well that's where pre-designed covers come in. Nicely made professional book covers at a price that suits.

Hundreds and thousands.

So here at Go On Write you'll find many different book covers that could fulfil your need. All made with fully licensed stock images. And I supply the final files at high resolutions to use on Amazon Kindle. Use the bar at the top of the site to search different categories. Have a good root around because you might find something in a category you hadn't originally thought of.

Take the plunge.

Once you've find the perfect cover, or even set of covers, simply hit the order button and follow the instructions. You can pay either with PayPal (or credit or debit card). I'm pretty fast turning around your orders, so you should expect a response within 48 hours. You don't have to have the title straight away. You can earmark covers before using them, by ordering. And you can get cheaper covers by buying blocks of credits.

Where the magic happens.

I take your order, change the dummy text for the your title, your author name, your tagline. In some cases, I'll send through a couple of different versions of the layout, to show you how the text could fit on there. Sometime though the text will fit perfectly. Either way, I'll work my hardest to make your text simply work.

Boom! It's in your inbox.

I email you the file ready for your to upload to Kindle or whatever other ebook service you are using. It's that simple.

So what next?

So you've got your book up there for people to purchase. You might want to do a print-on-demand version with Amazon KDP Printing or get some post cards to hand out, or even change your Facebook homepage with a nice image. Have no fear. I can design all these things for you too. You'll find them on my Extras Design Things page.

If you have any questions then you can find most of the answers in the FAQ but if you don't find the answer there just give me a shout at, you'll find me a friendly helpful sort of chap.

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