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A Little About Little Old Me

Hi there. My name is James (aka Humble Nations, aka CL Smith, Aka Brutal Bar Band), I'm the guy that makes all the book cover designs and runs this site. I've been a freelance graphic designer for the last twenty-years (yes I'm getting long in the tooth), and I've been designing book covers for the last couple of years, much to my own amusement.

So more About. I'm originally from the North-east of England but I currently live in Barcelona; where I read, write, make silly little tunes on a Push 2, dance, cry, cook, hike, ramble on, sing, occasionally paint ... and yeah, that's right: make book covers.

What else? I have a facetious sense of humour. I am brutally honest but mean nothing by it. I do good manners but I don't do insincere politeness. I'm a friendly helpful sort of chap. And I'm libertine at heart, although it's fair to point out that I am post-political and post-religious.

Oh, and I hates me some Adobe products, so I design in a little-known vector app called Xara Designer Pro.

I love fonts. I adore colours.

Any more questions ... well just ask ... I'm an open book.

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